From Recruit to Trainer: Simon ‘Says’ Maingi’s Clan Story

From Recruit to Trainer: Simon ‘Says’ Maingi’s Clan Story

At DigiClan, talent is golden. We pay attention to bright minds that provide progressive ideas, and creativity is our communal currency.

Simon ‘Says’ Maingi is a shining example of DigiClan’s goal to build a self-sustaining community of global creatives. 

He was discovered and brought into the Digiclan team, and today, he’s building spaces for other talents to learn and thrive. In a world where fatigue is sapping the juices of many creatives, Simon has found a way to protect his energy and keep his edge. 

He takes us on a quick trip through his creative journey in this interview from the second series of the DigiClan SpotLight.

Simon ‘Says’ Maingi is a top Kenyan digital content creator that builds brands and gets credible leads on social media.

He added “Says” to his name because he makes a living through his words and his friends always say that he talks a lot. The moniker also rings well because of the childhood game ‘Simon Says

Tell us about yourself and what you do for work

I train people in creating content for their business or brand and I am also a talent on the SwitchPod Podcast.

What are other interesting things or hidden talents you have that people don’t know?

One hidden talent I have is that I play basketball pretty well


What got you interested in Digital Marketing, and how did you find your niche?

I found my way into digital marketing after creating content on YouTube and then my friend and I made a course and partnered with an institution in Kenya. That’s when I polished my skill in content creation and training.


What does an average work day in your life look like?

On a normal day I wake up at 5:30am and respond to all my messages and then I respond to client calls.

Then I work out from midmorning. In the afternoon I usually have outdoor meetings which usually lead to me coming back to the house by supper time.


How did you get involved with DigiClan and how has the community helped you grow professionally?

I got involved with DigiClan through Cynthia Mwangi, she recruited me. I have gotten the opportunity to host several Twitter spaces which has opened me up to new opportunities


What role do you play in the Clan, and what is its overall impact in the community?

I have hosted several twitter spaces that have led to new members coming onboard from the East Africa community


What would you say are the most serious impediments to doing your Job?

The biggest headache I get is not getting opportunities to fully exploit my skills.


Are there people you can call your mentors in this field?

Yes, there are people I look up to, like Cynthia Mwangi who recruited me.


How do you deal with burnouts?

I don’t get burnouts since I am always full of energy. I workout to get my head straight.


Interesting, What are your top productivity hacks, and how do you deal with work distractions?

In order for me to be more productive, I go for a quick jog which helps stimulate me to come up with new ideas to implement.


Finally, what is your advice to anyone looking to start a career in Digital Marketing?

Anyone willing to join the world of digital marketing should ensure that they master the art of building trust and credibility since that is what clients buy into.


Simon has said it all. It’s easy to see why he has been such a good fit for DigiClan. His discipline and readiness to expand his horizon mirror the ideals necessary for the growth of the community. He’s a go-getter, and with his attitude, he can only go up from here.

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