Ameenah Aderinto: the Content Marketing Professional Piloting DigiClan Academy

Ameenah Aderinto: the Content Marketing Professional Piloting DigiClan Academy

How many times have you heard motivational speakers tell you to follow your dreams and take
that leap of faith? Well, you are not alone if you think that’s bad advice. I mean, why not take the
easy road and prevent any injuries that might result from the ill-advised leap? No, don’t, says
Ameenah Aderinto, DigiClan Academy’s team lead and a firm believer in pursuing what you
“truly love.”

In this heart-to-heart conversation with Ameenah, we get to know the affable character as she
discusses life and work in this first series of DigiClan Spotlight.

The DigiClan Spotlight is a series that tells the stories of those involved in
leadership activities within DigiClan Africa.

Ladies first, as is popularly said. It’s a coincidence that Ameenah is opening the series, but no
member of the Clan would bewail having Ameenah first as her efforts in DigiClan cannot be

Ameenah Aderinto is one of the most revered content strategists out there with her impressive
achievements and impact in the creative space. She switches between being a social media
manager, an SEO content professional & sometimes a radio personality. She has held positions
such as social media manager, blogger, radio presenter, and reporter at companies like
BlarkMate, Jsquared Communications, Delloxe, Africans Gold Radio & Lagos Traffic Radio.

Ameenah’s outstanding expertise has seen her get so many invites to teach her profession at
masterclasses and the likes.


Tell us briefly about yourself and what you do for work.

I am an ambivert who loves writing, I work at Ebanqo Inc. as a content marketing manager.

Ebanqo Inc. is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses automate customer
support, provide live chat and offer their services on web chat and messaging apps that
customers already use.

Fantastic! What does an average workday in your life look like?

Basically, I create content and copy and do other digital marketing activities as required.

What got you interested in digital marketing & how did you find your niche?

As mentioned earlier, I’m a writer. I got into the digital world because as a writer, I had to do
some other digital-related activities my clients requested of me back then. Such activities
included distributing content on social media, and managing customer enquiries, among others.

That’s such an interesting reason to delve into the digital space.

What would you say are the most serious impediments to your job?

Little to no creative freedom, majorly. Sometimes, clients just want what they want which isn’t
always the right call.

Many creatives would go with you on this one, quite frustrating at times.

How did you get involved with DigiClan, and how has the community helped you grow

I felt I needed to be part of a community to facilitate my career growth faster. So, I made a
research on Google and found DigiClan. Thanks to DigiClan, I met great people who are now
good friends of mine, got exposed to different opportunities, paying ones actually, and also got
the chance to develop my creative as well as organization/management skills. It’s how I got to
be DigiClan’s Academy Lead. Lol. 😅

What role do you play in the Clan and what’s its overall impact on the community?

I work with other team members under the direction of the President and the Dean to facilitate
members’ career growth through partnerships with other organisations,
masterclasses/WhatsApp classes/boot camps, put the clan in a positive light on social platforms,
and many other tasks as required by the clan.

Beautiful, seeing how many results the Academy Department produces, with your prowess, then
surprises shouldn’t occur so much. Great job, Ameenah.

Finally, what are your top productivity hacks and how do you deal with work

My top productivity hack is to do what you truly believe in, what you love doing. It doesn’t mean
you won’t get tired or face challenges but at least, you’d be able to handle things better. On distractions, I shut down the distraction or take a break.

With her young hands, Ameenah weaves multiple responsibilities together every day, and in the
middle of a relatively complex journey, she has shown that when you love it, you will enjoy it.
Ameenah is doing what she loves, are you?

Stay tuned for the next episode of DigiClan Spotlight.

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